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Importance Of Pretend Play Toys in Child Development

For many years parents have been living in a misconception that children’s playtime means running around the house like insane creatures and making chaos everywhere they step foot. To bust this myth, a large number of pediatricians and researchers have concluded that physical playtime is not the only playtime session a child needs. 

A child needs to play in which all their senses take part. A highly active playtime session is very important for children to develop their skills and abilities. The playtime session in which every sense of the child is performing its own role and making the kids imagine their own fantasy world is known as pretend play. Pretend play is an activity involving the playful enacting of a story and manipulating someone's ideas and emotions. 

After decades of research, researchers have concluded that pretend play helps children in improving their abilities since early childhood. Pretend play toys has the highest contribution is a child’s development process.

Playbox is one of the most prominent brands in the toy-making industry, focusing on making the upbringing of children more fun. A wide range of eco-friendly wooden toys, including DIY toys and pretend-play toys. Toys are shaped and sawn by highly skilled toy artists and intricately decorated with non-toxic water-based colors.

What is Pretend Play?

Introduce any toy to your child and observe their playing patterns. In the initial days, kids will play with them normally, but after a few days, be prepared to watch their imagination take over the toy and their playing pattern. 

Let’s understand it with an example. You gave your child a set of wooden block toy sets; during the initial days, children will play with building castles from it and all, but after a week, children will no longer use those blocks for building castles. One block piece will be used as a car; without any doors or windows, and another block will be used as a table on which your child’s soft toy will be resting peacefully, many others.

Pretend play is known by names like imaginative play, make-believe play, fantasy play, and creative play. But as we know, be remembered by your work, not your name. Pretend play goes by many names; its benefits to children are unbeatable.

Importance of Pretend Play Toys

Parents must never underestimate their children’s imaginations. They are like huge mystery boxes. Pretend play is an opener of this mystery box in the form of creative play. 

While playing with pretend play toys, children learn to express emotions and exchange ideas with other children, which helps them in building positive relationships and improve communication skills.

  • Improves Imagination

  • After tons of research on monitoring children’s activity with different types of types, researchers have witnessed that pretend-play toys have the highest effect on children’s cognitive, social and communication skills.

    Kids don’t have any specific time for playing, and they start playing whenever they want. While playing, children put their imaginative brains to work, and the superfast express of their imagination starts its journey at its full speed. 

    Toys like Fix it up-Tool Kit encourage young children's learning and play, helping them develop hand-eye coordination, creativity, logical reasoning, and problem-solving skills. It also motivates them to build their projects using their minds, teaches them about tools and their uses, and prepares them to be the next generation of architects.


    Fix it up - Tool kit - Playbox Toys

    The world’s greatest scientist, Late Albert Einstein, once said, “One’s logic gets him from A to Z, but one’s imagination will get him everywhere.” This statement is 100% true because this skill of imagining situations is a cognitive skill that we all use every day throughout our life. So parents and teachers must focus on children’s cognitive skills.

    Once we grow up and turn adults, we take the help of our imaginations in decision-making, problem-solving, making new inventions, and so much more. Imagination also helps us figure out other individuals’ intentions and creative thinking.

  • Developing Social Skills

  • When two adults have similar interests, they start to interact with each other like best friends because they have the same topic on which they can communicate by sharing each other ideas.

    The same thing is with children. What is the topic on which kids share the same interest? Toys, exactly. Toys are the only similar objects on which kids share their keen interest.

    Toys like Funny Money-Cashier help the kids with imaginative play. This play set comes with a register tape, a pull-out cash drawer, buttons to push, coins, currency notes and a credit card machine to complete the transaction. Young children love imitating the activities of adults, and this Cash Register allows them to imitate buying and selling goods.


    Funny Money Cashier - Playbox Toys

  • Improves Communication Skills and Language

  • Children love interacting with each other as they share a common interest in toys. If you observe children carefully, you can witness that they mimic their guardians, parents and teachers.

    Children can explore their communication abilities and experiment with them; by doing this, they can conclude how their communication affects the people surrounding them. You might have noticed if children listen to a new word from their elders, they will try their best to pronounce that particular word by saying it reportedly. This helps the best in improving children’s vocabulary.

    Playbox’s “Tea n Me” playset is the best pretend-play toy set to help kids with their communication skills. No person can deny this cute invitation to a tea party. The Tea set has cups, spoons, sugar containers, milk cartons, and tea bags; this set is a fun way to play with your kids.


    Tea n Me - Playbox Toys

    Children communicate with each other while playing with these toys, which gives them a perfect opportunity of enhancing their vocabulary as they communicate with each other about different situations. 

    Wrapping Up the Toys for You

    The benefits of Pretend-play toys are not limited to those mentioned above. Pretend-play toys have so much to offer young minds. 

    Toddlers are very quick, creative thinkers with amazing fantasies and parents should not overlook the importance of pretend play toys for these creative thinkers. As they explore this stunning world and the people surrounding them, toddlers will try to enact them in their life too. Providing them with pretend-play toys will help them make their own small toy world where they can enact their ideas and fantasies.