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About Us 



Playbox is a venture by the 4th generation members of the BMJ (Beharilal Madanlal Jaipuria) group, an Indian business house with a legacy of over 100 years, representing over 100 brands from many different sectors of business.

When we design toys, we want children to create from their imagination rather than following instructions. Most children have been used to following a set of instructions for any game that they play, and always seek approvals after each point to know if what they are doing is correct. While this approach may work for a lot of toys, we believe that children must also have the opportunity to invent and innovate as per their imagination.

If you ever give kids a set of parts and tell them to build a house there would be a right and a wrong answer. They already have an understanding of what a house is. It's a finished idea. On the other hand if you give them just parts, then there's room for many ideas as they could make a sidewalk for a rocket launcher or a bird saddle. Our work as a designer is to give them these tools so that they are free to imagine, explore ideas and invent new things. We don’t design the play, we design for the circumstances of play to arise. For your child to completely unleash their creativity and make unique creations, we do not provide any printed rule books, guides, or pictures with our toys, which ensures that they are not limited in any way and can create whatever they like.

We always downplay play as if it's that frivolous joyful thing that children do but it’s really their world; it's like the water that they swim in. The kind of toys that are poking around just stands for not something kids are getting something out of, it is more like they were designed to keep kids busy or they were designed to sell but they weren't really designed with children and play value in mind. Lots of toys are very goal oriented they look like something there is one way to play with it so you quickly figure out it can go this way or that way then you're done so it shuts down that building on their own pleasure and engagement and enjoyment.

 All Playbox toys come in boxes that are made slightly larger than the contents itself, so that the child not only enjoys play time, but also understands the importance of tidying up after playing and does not feel pressured to exactly fit each content in a specific manner or a designated spot.

We give kids the tools to build confidence and understand how to be creative, empathetic and good people. we thoroughly believe that they will make a better future for all of us. If we can play together, then we can live together.