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Chalk Board Block 9 PCS

Rs. 2,420.00


Add this entertaining set of chalkboard blocks to complement your child's current collection of wooden blocks or to use as a standalone wooden toy. Each time you play, create a new Open-Ended-Play experience by drawing anything you want on the blocks using the colors chalk that is included. The chalkboard block set also comes with a duster to clean the blocks.

Travel is made easy with this bundle because it includes a canvas bag. Carry it with you whenever you go to a restaurant, the doctor's office, the airport, etc.


9 Wooden Blocks, 1 Multi-color Chalk Box and 1 Duster. 


  • Length : 6 cm [Chalk Board Block]
  • Width : 6 cm [Chalk Board Block]
  • Height : 3 cm [Chalk Board Block]
  • Weight : 1 Kg

Use a dry cloth to remove any dust. 
No assembly required.

Chalk Board Block 9 PCS

Rs. 2,420.00