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DIY Kit-Trees

Rs. 1,100.00


DIY Tree Kit is a creative and eco-friendly activity for children and adults alike. The toy is typically made of wood and comes in the shape of a tree, with various details and features to enhance its realism. The toy is unfinished, allowing the person to paint and decorate it to their liking. 
DIY tree kits typically come with a set of non-toxic paints, brushes, and sponge brushes. The children can choose their desired colour scheme and use the paints to bring the tree to life. This can be a great way to exercise creativity and imagination. 
Painting a wooden tree toy can also be an educational experience, as children can learn about the importance of trees in the environment and the different types of trees found in their area. They can do research and choose a colour scheme that is true to the species, or they can create their own unique tree with a personalised design. 
Once the paint has dried, the wooden tree toy can be displayed on a shelf or used for imaginative play. It can be a great way to encourage children to engage with nature and learn about environmental conservation. 

Overall, a paint your own tree toy is a fun and educational activity that can provide hours of entertainment and foster creativity and learning in children. It can also promote an appreciation for nature and inspire eco-friendly behaviours.


4 Wooden Trees, 5 Color Bottles, 1 Paint Brush and 3 Sponge Brush.


  • Height : 14 cm [Large Tree]
  • Diameter : 5 cm [Large Tree]
  • Weight : 560 g

Use a dry cloth to remove any dust. 
No assembly required.

DIY Kit-Trees

Rs. 1,100.00