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Sweet Treat - Waffle Maker Green Color

Rs. 1,540.00 Rs. 2,299.00


Develop the imagination of your future cooks with play kitchen toys. To encourage a child's passion for cooking early on, buy them wooden toys, pretend play kitchen set. It has a rotary dial to modify the cooking time and opens and shuts to cook the perfect waffles. The waffle maker is made of high-quality wood, has rounded edges for safety, and is painted with kid-safe water-based paint. Making waffles repeatedly will provide your youngster hours of imaginative play and motor skill improvement!

Your kids will enjoy using their imaginations in the kitchen to prepare meals for you. Additionally, once you're done, there isn't any mess.

A 7-piece Sweet Treat set includes a waffle maker, four waffles, a tong, and a pretend bottle of maple syrup.

Since 2021, Playbox India has been handcrafting high-quality, contemporary wood toys stores in India. Wooden toys for children are made to encourage children's imagination and creativity to grow. We create the conditions for the play to occur, not the play itself. We don't include printed instructions, manuals, or photographs with our wooden toys for babies, so that they can fully express their creativity and develop original inventions. This assures that they are not constrained and can make whatever they want.


4 Waffles, 1 Waffle Maker, 1 Tong and Honey Bottle.


  • Length : 17 cm [Waffle Maker]
  • Width : 15 cm [Waffle Maker]
  • Height : 3 cm [Waffle Maker]
  • Weight : 650 g

Use a dry cloth to remove any dust. 
No assembly required.

Sweet Treat - Waffle Maker Green Color

Rs. 1,540.00 Rs. 2,299.00