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How To Choose Right Toys According To Your Kid's Age?

Let us get straight to the point: any minor thing is a toy for the kid, and a new toy always equals a happy kid. But which toys make your kids happy and help them develop their motor skills? This is the question that arises in every newbie parent's mind. 

Before buying any new toy for the toddler, parents must consider that the toy should help the kid develop emotionally, socially, mentally and physically. But rushing to speed up the development process and introducing the child to toys with robotic voices is not the appropriate choice because these robotic voices limit the child’s imagination and ultimately make the kid slave. This is why traditional wooden toys are still the most preferred toys by many parents. 

The parents must always buy open-ended toys, as the toddlers are busy pushing themselves to learn something new daily. We live in a technological world, so any parent who believes they can keep their child—even a toddler—away from computers and other electronic devices forever is naive. Setting boundaries is essential, especially for young children.


Electronic toys may endanger children's growth and development, including weight gain due to inactivity & lack of movements while playing, hearing problems from noisy toys and language and developmental milestones disruptions.


Even if picking toys for kids is difficult, you may simplify the process by being aware of how kids learn and grow. The appropriate toy helps your child develop both hand-eye coordination and hand-eye coordination. So picking the right one is crucial. Your child will experience particular developmental stages at every stage of growth. These achievements also reflect the evolution of children's play.


1. Infant Toys - 0 to 12 months:

Within the first three months, the babies' senses are not yet so developed; they do not even produce tears. The infant stage is when the kids only try to monitor their surroundings because of blurry vision. Giving babies toys with bright colors and bold patterns during infancy will help a lot.


Besides this, it also said that the first couple of months are meant for the child’s emotional development because many kids do not even discover their limbs until they are two or three months old. Infant babies spend most of their time sleeping, so giving them soft toys can be their perfect sleeping buddy, and children will spend the rest observing and listening to everything around them, so giving them handmade wooden toys that make rattling sounds will do great.

 2. Toddler Toys - 1 year to 4 years:

The toddler period is when the kids try to explore their physical abilities and develop fine motor skills. Meanwhile this age, kids learn to climb, stand and move by themselves by taking support from different objects. Giving the kids wooden toys like car toys, diverse characters like toys and soft balls of various sizes and sorting the shapes helps develop their motor skills.

Different sizes of balls help the child use their hands more accurately as they are always eager to reach out for something new. Try giving them bigger balls from the start so they can easily work on their gripping power, and later introduce them to the smaller ones. Balls are the best for toddlers as they enjoy playing with them and learning to kick the ball, throw it and reach it out.


Mechanical toys help juniors open the doors to their imagination. Kids are curious at this age and want to learn everything instantly. Along with the mechanical toys, the toys full of shapes will help the kid identify shapes. Regarding shapes, parents cannot forget about building blocks.

3. Kindergarten Toys - 5+ years:

Once the kid has exceeded 5 years of age, they boost half of their skills and try to improve their communication. The 5 years period is critical because, during this period, the kids try out new activities like crafting and creating them with their imaginative world. This is the age when the kids put their creativity to work.


Introducing the kids to block-building toys and many other construction-related toys helps them enhance their imagination and creativity skills. Apart from this, we know that memory games never go out of style; individuals from every age group play these best-selling games.


Playing with open-ended toys helps kids with their problem-solving skills, which helps them in the long run. Toys like Funny Money-Cashier from our Playbox store are related to numbers and alphabets, which can be a great helping hand in developing the kid’s motor skills very efficiently. The cashier toy can also help your kid learn about money management and basic math skills.


Do-it-yourself (DIY) toys and activities also can never go out of style; they hold the same fame among children and adults. Once again, these DIY activities make the kid more and more creative.

As the kid grows older and starts going to school, introducing them to DIY toys improves their co-curricular activity skills; introducing them to new memory games help them develop a keen interest in studying and learning about new math calculations every time; toys like Speedy Wheels, which implement some rules of physics can help the kids in understanding the physics more precisely.

Final Note

The toy market is flooded with various toys; therefore, choosing the right one is always challenging for parents. But this process can be eased down if the parent knows which toys should be purchased for the child. Different types of toys have different impacts on a child’s development process; hence it is important to choose the toys according to their age. If their age is not given much importance, then the toys may have a negative impact on the child.


But you will be surprised to know that the open-ended toys available at our Playbox India store are suitable for all individuals falling under every age group. Playbox India’s toys are eco-friendly toys created from the best quality ivory beech wood, sawn and sanded by skilled wood artists to shape the toys beautifully.

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