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How Wooden Toys Help Your Child’s Development?

How Wooden Toys Help Your Child’s Development?

Once you become a parent, the only objects you will see around the house are toys, toys and toys everywhere. As we know, moths attract light no matter if it is a tube light or the light of a television screen; light is the only thing moths look for. Similarly, kids are attracted to toys. Just like the moths do not differentiate between sunlight, tube light, or bulb light, kids also do not differentiate between toys for them; every object is a toy, whether it is a household utensil or an actual toy.

Many researchers have concluded that open-ended toys play a crucial role in a child’s development because they encourage children to play with them repeatedly but in different ways every time. Playing can help children realize who they are and what they can do with toys, even during their babyhood. 

Once the children discover their skills and show them off to their parents or any other family member, everyone becomes more and more eager to buy new toys for them to explore their skills. This is why Playbox India always tries to give the little ones the best of their childhood with beautiful minimalistic open-ended toys.

Playbox India’s highly talented artists handcraft each open-ended toy from the finest ivory beech wood. Our toys are shaped and finely smoothened by our skilled artists. Our every toy is decorated with bright eco-friendly water-based shades, making it safe for humans and our precious environment also.

Playing with toys can help children learn new skills whose execution will be needed once they grow up. While playing, the children can develop problem-solving skills, the importance of sharing, and fine motor skills that nurture a child’s creativity and fantasy.

Here are some points showing the benefits of toys in a child’s development:

Benefits of Toys in a Child’s development:

  • Improving Motor Skills

  • At Playbox India, we know that playing with toys is a good exercise for a child’s motor skills because they are essential for every child’s development.

    Trying to walk with a baby walker, learning to ride a bicycle, etc., do improve the baby’s motor skills. But many pediatricians also concluded that playing with wooden toy cars or other vehicle toys can help babies boost their motor skills. In addition, toys help babies balance their coordinating skills with staying physically active. These skills help babies adopt a healthy lifestyle and prevent any possible complications.

    Wooden Car Toys

    It is safe to surround your child with Playbox India’s wooden toys because non-toxic water-based paints are used to decorate them, so if your babies try to reach them out, parents don’t have to worry about them putting the toy in their mouth. Reaching out for those toys will make the babies help them improve their motor skills. 

    The motor skills improvement helps them discover new sounds, new skills and new experiences. No sooner do the babies start to sit and crawl on their own; the toys around them will encourage them to reach out, and they will learn to move simultaneously.

  • Developing Emotions

  • Babies live in their imaginative world and toys are a part of their creative world. This is why it is concluded that pretend play toys help children explore their creativity and express their emotions better. Once again, as we discussed earlier, children observe their surroundings, and babies observe their parents rocking them to sleep, changing their apparel, cooking them good food, and much other stuff.

    If pretend play toys like dolls whose costumes can be changed surround your child, they will start to act like a parent of that doll by rocking her to sleep, changing her outfits, dressing her up, having a tea party with her, etc.

    wooden tea cup set for children's to play.

    For an adult, a toy is a non-living object that they brought from a store, but for a child, it is like a family member. Because of these reasons, it is said that playing with pretend play toys helps the kid climb the small steps to development. For kids, toys are those objects that can be shaped into their imaginations and transform their experiences. 

    Action figures, clay, ride-on cars, and many other toys can help the child develop decision-making skills early, and their imagination mode is never turned off.

  • Develop Socially

  • When it comes to characters, children will not have only one or two character toys; they will have plenty of them, which will help them understand their surroundings more effectively. Playing with a neighboring friend will help the kids exchange their thoughts and imaginations and increase their interaction experiences with others. 

    While playing with others, children will have wonderful sessions of imagination exchange, which will teach them discipline, the importance of sharing, and the importance of respecting others, whether they are elders or toddlers. Toys are considered the perfect medium for kids to interact perfectly with adults and toddlers.

    Memory Games-to play for children's

  • Psychological Development

  • Similarly, with all the above benefits, toys are highly beneficial to a child’s psychological development. There are different types of games, from which memory games are very favorable in boosting the child’s concentration skills. While playing memory games, kids can explore their different levels of concentration.

    Not just memory games but other drawing board games also help the children sharpen their concentration. Once kids learn to explore their attention, simple games like building blocks can encourage kids to develop psychologically. 

    Wooden toys Building Block

    Along with this, math skills and approaches to new languages can also improve a child’s psychology. For toddlers, toys act like keys to the doors leading to their future self-independence.

    The Ending Note

    When it comes to a child’s development, parents should never miscalculate the importance of toys because they are the essential tools (when used appropriately) that help the child reach their skills and reach new milestones every day. Having one full day as a play day for the child can also be fun and beneficial to their growth.

    Many theses have stated that children with wonderful play time during their day generally have a healthy and happy childhood. As a parent, we must take the importance of toys very seriously and provide the kids with toys according to that. Parents must look after the quality of the toys and not the quantity they provide to their kids.