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Why are DIY Toys Important in Child’s Development?

Creativity is not about being better or doing something better than others. Still, it is about being better than yourself, improving your creativity, exploring your best points, and discovering your new skills. 

The year 2020 has been very hard for everyone. Facing endless lockdowns back to back has taken a toll on some, while on the other side, some have discovered their inner talents. It was easy to keep the adults productive and active, but what about the little ones? How to keep them productive and active through hard times like that lockdown?

The lockdown period forced everyone to stay within the four walls with the rest of the family. The only benefit almost everyone must have experienced was of discovering their hidden talents or their children’s hidden talents. Parents can stay busy by doing their office work or some housework, but how to keep the babies busy? Well, that’s the real challenge every parent has to face.

The lockdown moved the education sector totally online. Children’s schooling was conducted totally through online classes. And we all know that the usage of electronic devices is equal to zero development. The responsibility of parents increased a lot as they had to look for ways that could give their little one’s little eyes a break from large toxic screens.

As a solution to this problem, the concept of DIY toys was invented.

If you are a usual reader of our blog posts, then you might have become very clear with the point that traditional wooden toys are so important in child growth and child development. Children learn through their play. They develop amazing not only cognitive skills, but also social and emotional skills.

After many studies and research, child psychologists and pediatricians have stated that toys are essential in child’s development. Playing and learning go parallel with other because the toys improve the child’s inventiveness and inquisitiveness among school-going toddlers and preschoolers. Learning while playing is a game changer for toddlers, as they can improve their communication, problem-solving, and skills that boost logical thinking and creativity.

Playbox India is a leading brand in the wooden toy-making industry. Playbox India believes in giving their best toys to children without harming the environment. Playbox India’s every toy is manufactured from the highest quality of ivory beech wood that the artists themselves select. The toys are decorated from the finest quality, non-toxic water-based watercolors. While buying toys from Playbox India, you do not need to have second thoughts about the quality of the colors. You are taking one step forward toward saving nature.

Here are a few reasons why DIY wooden toys are important in a child’s development.

  • Improving a Child’s Self-expression

  • Kids are like a mystery box that is filled with endless imaginations. They have the ability to come up with new ideas every time they are introduced to something new. This ability helps the kids figure out the rules that make the world work. Communication skills and the art of creating something new is the most part of every child’s development stage. 

    Parents try millions of ways to convince that bundle of joy and mysteries but still, they end up doing what they want in their own way. This situation usually is caused while working on any art project. Kids love to do everything according to their terms and conditions. They do not care about color combinations or any shapes. 

    If you want to make your kid find their hidden artist, giving them DIY Dino Kit will help them greatly.

    DIY Dino Kit

    The colors provided in the kit are totally water-based and free from toxic chemicals. So parents can stay tension-free because these colors will not harm the sensitive skin of your little artists.

  • Development of Cognitive Skills

  • Cognitive development is indispensable as it helps the kid figure out the reasons that work to make things work. When the kids try out some activities on their own, they can push their problem-solving skills. And during this process, if that thing does not work as they wanted, then be ready for the attack of some amazing skills to make that thing work anyhow. By hook or by crook, the thing should work.

    A nice playtime session with DIY toys can nurture the child’s creativity and infinite probability of innovations or problem-solving methods. DIY toys also help the kids  work on their patience and concentration minds. DIY toys like DIY Rocket Kit make the kids wait for some time and let the paint dry.

    DIY Rocket Kit


  • Enhances the Motor-skills

  • Hands-on learning is another name for motor skills. These skills include the coordination of hands and eyes at the same time. The DIY itself stands for “Do It Yourself”, so the kids have to paint the objects by themselves. While painting any object, an active and focused mind is very important. The hand and eye movements will coordinate with each other when the mind is focused and active. Children can improve the movements of both their hands accordingly.

  • DIY Toys are No-Age-Bar

  • The concept of DIY is universal and has no particular age limit. DIY therapy is for everyone to unleash their creative side or enhance their creativity. Individuals from every age group can try out the DIY therapy session. DIY toys available at Playbox India are open-ended and suitable for individuals aged 1-99 years.

    Ending Note

    At Playbox India, the ideal DIY toy for kids, in our opinion, strikes the ideal mix between enjoyment and learning. That is why we provide unique and imaginative toys that have undergone in-depth months of testing and research before release. They are also jam-packed with strategies to support your child's overall development, including their emotional and cognitive intelligence. 

    Each toy is expertly crafted by toy artists using materials of the finest sustainable wood. To encourage a child's enthusiasm for learning, we provide a wide selection of open-ended toys that are divided into categories based on the child's age and interests.