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Traditional Wooden Toys v/s Technical Toys What To Choose?

A toy is one item that may instantly put a grin on a child's face. Tech toys are the way to go if you want to benefit your child from technology and toys. Depending on the type of toys your child is playing with, it may even help them educationally. 

Although tech toys are becoming increasingly popular as technology permeates every aspect of our lives, some parents still opt for more traditional toys like puzzles, board games, and block-building for children between the ages of 3 and 5. Kids of all ages will enjoy both of these kinds of toys.

Any form of the toy may be a lot of fun for youngsters and, based on the type, can even be instructive. Even so, some parents still choose classic toys like blocks, puzzles, dolls, and action figures to kid-friendly tablets, gadgets that light up and play music, or interactive toys that enable children to interact with stories. Here are some advantages of both tech and traditional toys for kids.

Traditional Toys v/s Tech Toys

Despite the wide variety of toys available, they can be broadly divided into two groups: traditional and electronic toys. A traditional toy is frequently defined as handmade, made of wood or similar natural fibre, and not electrical. Dollhouses, play kitchens, wooden railway sets, wooden toy cars, garages, miniatures, and more are typical examples.

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In contrast, a tech toy is often an electronic device, such as a tablet or another type of toy that plays music or lights up. Children can benefit from both kinds of toys, but there are some clear distinctions between the two.

Traditional wooden toys' popularity has decreased slightly due to technological advancement. Children like playing with a variety of toys, whether they are modern or classic. Young children of all ages adore both of these toy categories. Today's youth spend the majority of their time playing video games. They are still oblivious to the elegance of the conventional toys that their parents or grandparents used to play with. 

Each toy has advantages and drawbacks of its own. Traditional toys are often made of wood and lack technological components. Electronic and more modern technology is typically used in tech toys. Both toys aid in their general growth if utilised and introduced to your children at the appropriate age and time.


Before any other metals were discovered, people used to manufacture wooden toys on their own, and since then, wooden toys are still around us. They will continue to be every parent's favourite for numerous reasons.

  • It Helps Creative Thinking

  • Early childhood is one of the most inventive times in a child's life; imaginative or creative play allows kids to express themselves, play freely, and let their imaginations run crazy as they become lost in made-up worlds. For this kind of play, traditional toys serve as props. 

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    Kids love to roam around with their parents, and whatever they see makes them put effort into imagining their surroundings according to them, and a new creative and imaginative world is born. The kid's creative world is inspired by all real-life events, their experience at a restaurant, at home or even at the supermarket, or it can even be a story told that their parents might have narrated to them some other day.

    This kind of play enhances the child's creativity and also aids the children in the process of their surroundings with their own creative ideas. Because of these reasons, traditional wooden toys make the best choice in making play a mindful and comforting activity. Imaginative play also enhances the child's social skills and develops their communication appropriately. Another great advantage of traditional wooden toys is that a variety of them are open-ended, which can be utilized in future for some other use.

  • Achieve Development Milestones

  • Traditional wooden toys have great educational value for kids, making them their best friends in reaching a milestone in their development. Improvement in cognitive development, literacy, and money management skills can only achieve these milestones. Essential toys like numbered or lettered wooden building blocks can allow kids to learn their first counting skills and practice their vocabulary and shape recognition.

  • Stay Physically Active

  • Traditional old toys are not like tech toys and do not move around with remote control, so children tend to move around more often while playing with traditional wooden toys. These toys help the kid to learn how to balance and coordinate with people as well as toys.

  • Improvement in Language, Social Interaction & Communication

  • Playing with traditional toys promotes more interaction between parents or caregivers, young children, siblings, and other kids. Children benefit from interactive play by acquiring crucial social skills, including communication, taking turns, sharing, and learning to compromise, as well as improving their language and communication abilities. 

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    Traditional toys can encourage interactive play and foster empathy and understanding for others.

    Benefits of Technical Toys

  • Education Promoting Toys

  • The COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions made kids dependent on electronic devices to permit them to do various online activities and educational materials.

    Because of this, the tech toys got the name educational toys - toys that became so important for teenage children. Whereas for the toddlers, tech toys helped them with their letter recognition practice, shape recognition practice, counting training and many other development phases.

  • Providing Entertainment & Building Technological Awareness

  • We cannot deny how entertaining the tech toys are and how well they keep the kids occupied. But with that, we also cannot deny that we live in a technological world, and technology has made its long way into various aspects of our lives, so it has become essential to make the upcoming generation aware of the latest technology.

    Making them familiar with the newest technology can benefit them in their future use of that technology.

    Concluding Note

    Despite of many advantages that tech toys unquestionably provide, parents should find it necessary to restrict the time children spend using electronics, particularly screens, and more supervision is generally needed to ensure that children stay physically and socially active. 

    Giving a child something to watch or play with on an electronic device is an easy way to keep them occupied while allowing busy parents and care providers to get on with other things. Still, unfortunately, spending a lot of time on screen can be very harmful to your child. So it is highly advisable to give your children more traditional toys for playtime; they won’t harm your little kids.