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Importance of Open-Ended Wooden Toys in Child Development

Importance of Open-Ended Wooden Toys in Child Development

It is truly said that children are like blank books; whatever you write in that book will be there forever. It is the moral duty of every parent that parents must write only helpful things in this beautiful book that can help the kids throughout their life.

There is no doubt in that the initial years of childhood are the most crucial ones. The age till 5 years is the age when children are eager to explore their abilities, learn and try new things every day. With proper guidance from families and pediatricians, children can make the best use of their abilities which can help them in the long run of their life.

Why is Child Development So Important?

Among the initial childhood years, the first 3 years are the best for speedy physical and mental development. We all know how quickly children incorporate some habits with every experience from the activities around them, and by reaching 6 years, 90% of their adult-sized brain will be developed. The impact from good or bad experiences gets associated with them forever and last throughout all their lives.

Plenty of researchers have concluded that children with amazing initial development periods did their best in every field, whether it is about earning, schooling, or any sports. During this initial child development stage, impacts on a child’s psychological and social development are the most crucial ones because these are the ones that will help the child gaining self-confidence, improvement in communication, build strong relationships, and have good mental health.

Importance of Open-ended Toys

Open-ended means something that has no end. This is why open-ended toys have endless playing possibilities. Open-ended toys do not have any terms or conditions for playing with them, and children can play with them in every way possible according to their imagination. For example, a simple stick can be called an open-ended toy because kids can use it as a fairy wand, a sword, a bat, or a shovel; in short, there are so many possibilities a child can play with it.

Open-ended toys let the children know their potential by playing. Open-ended toys often have a 9:1 ratio, which means that the 90% of the child’s imagination and 10% of the toy’s activity. 

At Playbox India, we have the best open-ended toys for toddlers made from the highest quality sustainable wood, which is decorated with eco-friendly water-resistant paints, making them totally safe. The toys available at our Playbox store are suitable for all individuals from all age groups because of their simple and minimalistic designs and endless playing possibilities.

Open-ended toys of Playbox India provide kids with infinite opportunities to improve their problem-solving skills and critical thinking as well. Each toy at Playbox is designed to nurture your kid's creativity, imagination, and eagerness to explore more. Having a great playtime with open-ended toys can help the child develop the motor skills needed for the child in the future.

Here are some more detailed important points as to how open-ended toys:

1. Tools for Your Child’s Development

Not just open-ended toys, but every toy must not be underestimated as an ordinary entertaining object. Toys indeed look cool, and children and adults sometimes experience fun playing with them. On the other hand, open-ended toys look cool and help a lot with a child’s development at the same time.

Because of this justification, over 90% of preschools include a playtime session with open-ended toys during the child’s entire playtime. Open-ended toys are designed to encourage children to improve their social relations with others, improve their creativity, and involve themselves in problem-solving activities.


toys for Your Child’s Development


2. Everlasting Fun Objects

While shopping toys, parents must always remember that quality matters, not quantity. While considering the quality, we do not mean the toy material, but the impact it will have on your child. Despite all these things, handmade wooden toys are considered the best toys for improving a child’s creativity and surviving for a long time.

For a child who is hardly 2 or 3 years old, a large number of toys will do no good to them, but will harm them because the brains of these babies will not be able to process every object as their brains aren’t developed enough. During the child's growth, it is essential to focus on how they engage with the toys, rather than on the number of toys their kids engage in.

This fundamental reason is why open-ended toys like block building are still every parent’s first choice.

Everlasting Fun Objects

3. Different Reactions for Different Toys

Every parent must remember that every child is different from the other one. If your child reacts positively to a particular toy, it is not mandatory that another child will give the same positive reaction; it differs. Just like we adults feel discomfort in digesting a lot of food, children also face difficulty in taking it all at once; this feels like a burden on their senses. 

If you buy a particular toy and your child might not look interested in it, forcing them to play with it will not do anything; instead, it will harm the child. If your child does not like that toy, no worries, replace it with another one by exchanging it with your neighbors or any close friend. By doing this, the neighboring kid will get a new toy without any tantrums.

Different Reactions for Different Toys
4. The Benefits of Open-ended Toys aren’t Gender-based

During a child’s development years, curiosity is essential for your child, not the suitability of the toy according to your child’s gender. Everything is a toy for babies, and we do not need any research conclusion to prove this; as a parent, we experience this every day.

According to some parents, car toys, automobile toys, etc., are all categorized as toys for boys, whereas barbie dolls, glamming-up toys, utensil toys, etc., are categorized as toys for girls. This notion is not true, actually. If a boy likes to play with barbie dolls, then there is something that fascinates him and encourages him to play with it.

The Benefits of Open-ended Toys aren’t Gender-based

Parents must not forget that the benefits of toys are never gender-based. As a result, encourage your child’s imagination instead of encouraging your old-school notions.

Final Phrase

Out of all other toys, open-ended toys are the best in which block-building toys are still preferred the most in helping a child with their creativity and learning problem-solving skills. Helping your child gain a good sense of shapes will take their development process one step higher. But this was just a single example because every toy has its own power to impact the child.

It is true that more hands are better with the toys. Still, this saying must not be taken seriously at once because, during development time, your child is multitasking by learning the use of their skills, implementing those learned skills, and exploring new skills, all at once. Parents should slowly introduce their kids to new toys. 

Parents, when choosing your kids to provide open-ended toys from our Playbox India’s toy collection, consider yourself a nature conservator as you take a step forward in saving our beautiful nature. Toys produced at Playbox India are environmentally friendly and have no hazardous effects on nature and human bodies.