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Why Choose Wooden Toys Over Plastic Toys?

When a couple becomes parents, everything related to their kid overwhelms them, whether it is about clothing, selecting toys, selecting food, etc. As a parent, we wish to give our kids the best quality of everything. Providing the best quality food and clothing is essential, and every parent is cautious regarding that.

But when it comes to toy selection, the caution mode is turned off; why? Because the kids do not know the difference between a good toy and a bad toy. The kids just like it and now want to have that toy, but if kids do not get what they want, be ready for an avalanche of tantrums.

We live in a technological world where every day, a new gadget and even a new toy are launched into the market. Hence, some parents think that giving their kids the latest toy will help the kid develop their skills more than old-school handmade wooden toys. But traditional wooden toys are far better than the latest plastic toys. 

Open-ended wooden toys that are available at Playbox India are environment-friendly, making them safe for kids. These traditional wooden toys can be discarded hassle-free without polluting or harming the environment, whereas plastic toys are burned down, causing the waste to release toxic fumes of carbon dioxide that harm the environment. Plastic toys are not completely discarded even after being burned down.

Traditional wooden toys are capable of bearing the power-packed playtime of kids. Plastic toys may look attractive, but they cannot bear the power-packed playing session. With a child’s fierce throw, plastic toys can break easily.

As new toys are being launched into the market every new day, parents get a wide range of toy collections to choose from. But from all the toys, plastic toys are effortlessly available; hence parents pay less attention to handmade wooden toys. Handmade wooden toys might not be easily available, but their advantages are much better than plastic toys.

The most important advantage of playing with toys is that it helps the kid use their imagination. Playing with toys right from a young age helps the child develop their cognitive abilities.

In recent days, toys have an automated voice that interacts with the kids. Thus, this will increase the child’s productivity and reasoning abilities. When kids play with imagination, it not only boosts their cognitive abilities, but also boosts their emotional abilities, thinking abilities, and social activities.

Wooden toys like building blocks, memory games, or any traditional wooden toy can help the kid improve their problem-solving and motor skills as well as help with numbers easily.

Boosts Up Your Child’s Imagination
(2) Wooden Toys are Eco-friendly

As we had a short discussion previously, wooden toys are easy to dispose of, rather than plastic ones, as wooden toys can be degraded and recycled easily. It is better to buy wooden toys that can be returned to nature easily than plastic toys that are hard to return and harmful to nature.

By giving your child a wooden toy, you are taking one step ahead in contributing your role to nature and passing down the same responsibility to your kids. Wooden toys are highly eco-friendly in comparison to plastic toys as they are organic, maintainable, and renewable products.

(3) Wooden Toys are Safe 

The child’s safety is the topmost priority of a mother. We all know that toddlers like to stick everything in their mouths, whatsoever it may be. A wooden toy is meant to be safer than any other metal toy or plastic toy. The cheap quality plastic toys can break easily and leave sharp points behind that can hurt the little ones. While this is not the concern with handmade wooden toys because wooden toys do not break easily, so the parents do not have to worry about their kids getting hurt.

Wooden Toys
(4) Wooden Toys are Long-lasting

We have to admit it: kids are never gentle with their toys during playtime. In order to survive the attacks of these little ones, toys must have to be very durable. Plastic toys are durable, and there is no doubt about that, but with time they lose their quality, fade their color, and even the slightest amount of force can break the toy. At the same time, wooden toys are highly long-lasting and can be painted again if they fade away.

Wooden toys do not break or shatter easily if cared for appropriately. These toys can last for eternity. As a consequence of these statements, wooden toys can do great in the long term and can be handed down from sibling to sibling.

(5) Wooden Toys are Less Expensive

If we compare the prices of wooden toys and plastic toys, then wooden toys will get one more plus points for saving up a few bucks on buying toys. It is better to buy one wooden toy collection instead of buying the same cheap quality plastic toys once they break.

A wooden toy is capable of lasting decades. Because of this, wooden toys can also be handed down to your younger siblings. Toys that can be operated without any use of batteries or other electrical components are eco-friendly and budget-friendly.

Wooden Toy Collections
(6) Wooden Toys Can Act More Than Toys 

Wooden toys are such things that even adults can fall in love with them. But now your kids are grown up and do not play with toys anymore. And now, those toys are lying around in the corner of the house. This is a very common situation in every household. But what if we tell you that you can do more than just play with those toys? Yes, you heard it right.

Wooden things are the first and foremost alternative when it comes to home decor because, once again, they are durable and light in weight, making them perfect to be utilized for home decor. By doing this, you are saving your kid's beautiful childhood memories in the house forever.

Online Wooden Toys For Kids


Plastic toys are made with many hazardous chemicals, so opting for wooden toys is the wise decision. The wooden toys of Playbox India are more environmentally friendly, durable, and better for kids' physical and developmental growth. Open-ended toys from Playbox India will inspire your children with new imaginative stories every time they unbox them for their playing session.

Playbox India’s toys are totally nature-friendly; colors used to decorate the toys are chemical-free water-based paints, making them completely safe for the little ones.